Official name: Republic of Zambia

Capital: Lusaka

Area: 725.618 km²

Population: 18,38 million (2020)

Official languages: English

    Traveling in Zambia is revisiting an Africa that no longer exists. A romantic Africa: colonial traditions, David Livingstone's explorations and afternoon tea on Zambezi banks, after a full day of safari and adventures. Northern Rhodesia is just history, but Zambia, which became independent on October 24th, 1964, is one of the best surprises in Africa: a nation that spares no smiles, does not forget the traditions and preserves its rich natural heritage.
    Zambia shares famous Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River with neighboring Zimbabwe. Most of the territory is covered by savannas, where travelers can observe a wide variety of animals, especially near Luangwa and Kafue rivers. National parks like South & North Luangwa or Lower Zambezi are among the best on the continent. Livingstone is a center for action sports and access to the falls. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls are everywhere.
    For wildlife, the best time is between August and October. If you prefer cool weather and green landscapes, consider to travel from May to August. In the rainy season, most national parks close and dirt roads turn into rivers of mud. Besides attracting discerning and experienced travelers to sophisticated eco lodges, Zambia is the best destination for those who want to venture out in a 4x4 through Africa of past times.
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  • Government system: Presidentialist Republic
    Religion: 85% Christians
    Climate: tropical and subtropical
    Currency: Kwacha
    Time zone: South Africa Standard Time (UTC/GMT +2)

    Visa: please check with us the latest requirements

    Health: international proof of yellow fever vaccination required