Official name: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Capital: Addis Ababa

Area: 1.104.300 km²

Population: 114,96 million (2020)

Official languages: amharic

    The only African country that escaped European colonialism and maintained its cultural identity proudly preserves its past, aiming for a promising future. Cradle of civilization, cultural and religious traditions blend with modern cities and wildlife, producing an intriguing and diverse destination. Africa's second most populous nation, Ethiopia has left economic stagnation years behind, boasting the most robust economic growth rates on the continent and hosting international multilateral organizations.
    A country of contrasts, Ethiopia has elevations above 4,000 meters in the Simien and Bale Mountains. The Danakil Depression, a magmatic oven with 25% of Africa's active volcanoes, exceeds 100 meters below sea level. The rich and curious local fauna deserves special attention: the Ethiopian wolf, the icy baboons and the walia ibex are rare species, found only in the national parks of Ethiopia - in addition to species well known from African savannas, such as elephants, hyenas, cheetahs and lions.
    Witnessing one of the many traditional culture or religious festivals in the important north destinations like Gondar, Lalibela or Aksum, provide memories for a lifetime. In the south, different Omo River Valley tribes live in another dimension, immune to the impositions of time. But anywhere in Ethiopia, coffee and injera will always be present: they are the basis of sensorial Ethiopian cuisine, which is intertwined with its immutable history and traditions - an empire in perpetual transformation.
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  • Government system: Parliamentary Republic
    Religion: 63% Christian, 34% Muslim
    Climate: tropical monsoon
    Currency: Birr
    Time zone: Eastern Africa Time (UTC/GMT +3)

    Visa: please check with us the latest requirements

    Health: international proof of yellow fever vaccination required