Atlantic Journeys

Atlantic Journeys makes the personalized, exquisite, unique and unforgettable trip you've always dreamed of doing in Africa. With simple, efficient, professional service and competitive prices.

Atlantic Journeys does not use ready-made but pre-formatted itineraries. They serve as a starting point for choosing the ideal itinerary of your trip. Your personal demands and preferences, through our expert advice, turn into a unique and customized itinerary, just as you always dreamed.

Atlantic Journeys is a product aimed at any age group or profile, but mainly caters for couples and family trips on unconventional tours in Africa. Unconventional itineraries are those that escape mass tourism, the obvious hotel options, the commercial itineraries. But not reinventing the wheel - we just use the best ingredients and the best tools, in the most optimized and intelligent way.

Our Atlantic Journeys client is always initially oriented by ACT director, responsible for translating each client's specific characteristics and needs into a personalized itinerary. Upon approval of your itinerary, a specially trained destination consultant will take care of all logistics of your trip, following up and meeting all your needs until the end of the trip.