Atlantic Journeys

Atlantic Journeys materializes the personalized, exclusive and unforgettable trip you always dreamed of taking in Africa. The perfect connection of the most inteligent logistics with the must-see attractions - not always the most obvious - and with the most sophisticated and exquisite hotels, resorts or safari lodges. 

Our exclusive Journeys itineraries are the starting point for choosing your personalized itinerary. Your personal demands and preferences, through our expert advice, turn into a unique and customized itinerary, just as you have always dreamed of. Through efficient, transparent processes and professional service.

Our Atlantic Journeys client is initially oriented by ACT founder, responsible for translating each client's specific characteristics and requests into a personalized itinerary. Upon approval of your itinerary, a specialized consultant will follow up and meet all your needs until the end of the trip, always with our 24/7 support in your home country and in Africa.