Official name: Kingdom of Lesotho

Capital: Maseru

Area: 30.355 km²

Population: 2,10 million (2020)

Official languages: English and Sesotho

    The mountainous Kingdom of Lesotho lies 100% within South Africa territory. The inlaid monarchy (the only one outside Italy, which houses the Vatican and San Marino on its borders) has the Drakensberg Mountains as a natural barrier: the supreme and majestic eastern border of the small country. For those entering Lesotho from Durban region, the legendary border post on the Sani Pass welcomes visitors at 2,876 meters, with breathtaking views - partly because of the high altitude.
    Visiting Lesotho is a privilege for few adventurers, especially those who enjoy trekking and self-drive. Walking, riding or climbing are the best ways to appreciate the magnificent scenery of the country and the daily life of traditional villages. Most roads are reasonable and accessible to passenger vehicles, but in more remote regions a 4x4 is highly recommended. The country's lowest altitude is 1,388 meters: the highest of all lowest points in any country of the world.
    The rainy season makes traveling difficult and coincides with the summer period, between the months of October and April. The higher regions have fog throughout the year; in winter they have low temperatures and even snow, making it possible to ski and snowboard. Lesotho's economy is integrated with South Africa, importing food and processed products. The industry is unstable and the few agricultural areas suffer from erosion, limiting the possibilities for development.
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  • Government system: Parliamentary Monarchy
    Religion: 95% Christians
    Climate: temperate
    Currency: Loti
    Time zone: South Africa Standard Time (UTC/GMT +2)

    Visa: please check with us the latest requirements

    Health: international proof of yellow fever vaccination required