Youth Travel

Modern education requires, in parallel with curricular activities, to invest in the general formation of each student. The African continent allows a unique contact with cultures, values ​​and sensations that redefine the perception of each individual. Recent and central themes today, such as ecology, conservationism, multiethnicity and natural history are spontaneously addressed in our educational trips, in a context of respect for the nature and practice of sports. We have agreements with clubs and schools in Cape Town to organize specific clinics and courses.

For those who are completing high school or college, our graduation trips have the right balance of party and celebration, but also provide the opportunity to learn about a new culture and lifestyle in a safe and healthy environment, always with the accompaniment of our exclusive group leaders (GLs). Discover Cape Town, go on safari and turn your graduation trip into an unforgettable moment.

Atlantic Connection Travel does not sell youth travel directly to the public. We liaise with graduation committees, educational institutions and the like, providing all support and information.

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