Our Story

The beginning of Atlantic Connection Travel dates back to mid-1995, when three old time friends decided to spend a year traveling to celebrate their graduation at college. Having already traveled extensively in America and Europe, the itinerary chosen was quite unusual during those years: from California to South Korea, Australia and Indonesia. And from Singapore overland all the way to Europe, via Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China and Russia on the Trans-Siberian.

The world had not yet experienced the boom of globalization, nor of internet. There was few information about some destinations and many considered a risky trip. After a spectacular and unforgettable year, ACT was founded on September 13, 1996. During the first years became a 100% specialized tour operator in Africa.
Today, we have our own administrative and operational headquarters in Cape Town (global markets, except Americas) and São Paulo (american markets). We also have representatives and general sales agents in Europe, Asia and Australia. ACT Afrika Tours & Safaris is our local inbound operator in South Africa and coordinates all our operational regional offices in Africa, as well as our global sales.