Official name: Kingdom of Eswatini

Capital: Mbabane (executive) and Lobamba (legislative)

Area: 17.364 km²

Population: 1,16 million (2020)

Official languages: English and siSwati

    The smallest country on the African continent and southern hemisphere changed name in 2018, in celebration of 50th independence anniversary. Swaziland, nation of the Swazi people, returned to be Eswatini: famous for Incwala and Umhlanga, typical cultural ceremonies full of dance and music, and also by King Mswati III with his many wives. Despite the relaxation and friendliness that attracts many visitors, the country still struggles with high HIV rates and one of the lowest life expectancies on the planet.
    The small inland and mountainous country in the southeast of Africa is one of the few remaining monarchies on the continent. The population is ethnically homogeneous: 97% are Swazis. There are many Mozambican refugees in the country, and about 5% of Swazis live and work in South Africa. The society is patriarchal and made up of clans: polygamy is admitted. Swazi people are known for their friendliness and festive spirit: even the most sacred religious rituals are always associated with singing and dancing.
    The government adopts a conservation policy for national parks and the environment, which have contributed greatly to the preservation of nature and wild species in the small country. The Ezulwini region is the main tourist hub, which attracts mainly South Africans and European tourists transiting between Kruger and KwaZulu-Natal regions. For those who like unusual destinations, Eswatini offers a safe, peculiar and true experience.
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  • Government system: Parliamentary Monarchy
    Religion: 90% Christians, 5% no religion, Muslim and Hindu minorities
    Climate: subtropical
    Currency: Lilangeni
    Time zone: South Africa Standard Time (UTC/GMT +2)

    Visa: please check with us the latest requirements

    Health: international proof of yellow fever vaccination required