Sudan Explorer

(11 DAYS / 9 NIGHTS)

Unique itinerary exploring the main archaeological sites and the modern capital of mysterious Sudan, the ancient kingdom of the black pharaohs.

After South Sudan independence in 2011, Sudan has left many of its problems in the past and started to move forward. Although little known worldwide and not part of Africa’s tourist circuit, Sudan is a different and welcoming country, perfect for adventure seekers who want to unravel local secrets, having a truly genuine and unique experience. With more pyramids than Egypt and the cradle of Nubian civilization, visitors are unanimous in saying that few destinations offer so much hospitality and remarkable discoveries. Sudan Explorer is a journey that transforms concepts and redefines emotions.

Customize! Make an extension to the incredible temples of Soleb, scuba dive in Port Sudan or combine your journey with Ethiopia, Djibouti or Middle East.



Day 1: Your city * / Khartoum 

Day 2: Khartoum 

Day 3: Khartoum 

Day 4: Khartoum / Meroe

Day 5: Meroe

Day 6: Meroe / Bayuda / Karima

Day 7: Karima

Day 8: Karima / Old Dongola / Karima

Day 9: Karima (Nile boat ride)

Day 10: Karima / Khartoum

Day 11: Khartoum / Your city *

Please request us the detailed day-by-day itinerary with description of activities and logistics, the best flight connections from your city and a quote in your specific travel dates and choice of hotels. Choose from more than 200 cities worldwide with easy and convenient connections to Sudan, flying the world’s best airlines. We also take care of all flights to ensure your maximum comfort, safety and perfect harmony with your land arrangements. Our itineraries are flexible and can be fully personalized according to your preferences.


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