Kilimanjaro Trek

(10 DAYS / 8 NIGHTS)   

Mount Kilimanjaro is an african icon and reaching Uhuru Peak at 5895 meters high is one of the greatest adventures on Earth.

Trekking all the way to the “Roof of Africa” is an extraordinary achievement and possible for everyone: you should just be in good physical conditions. It is not necessary to be an athlete, even less an alpinist. Kilimanjaro Trek expedition is conducted in groups by specialized guides, who will take care of everything such as your food, camping in the mountain and preserving Kilimanjaro National Park. Unfortunately, in a few years time the snows of Kilimanjaro will be melted, so don’t waste time and grab your place in this unforgettable experience.

Customize! This adventure can be combined with Tanzania or Kenya for safaris, Rwanda or Uganda for gorilla trekking, or other beach destinations in Zanzibar, Seychelles, Kenya or Mozambique.



Day 1: Your city * / Johannesburg

Day 2: Johannesburg / Dar es Salaam / Kilimanjaro / Moshi

Day 3: Moshi

Day 4: Moshi / Start Kilimanjaro trek (via Machame Route)

Day 5: Kilimanjaro trek

Day 6: Kilimanjaro trek

Day 7: Kilimanjaro trek

Day 8: Kilimanjaro trek

Day 9: End Kilimanjaro trek / Moshi

Day 10: Moshi / Kilimanjaro / Dar es Salaam / Johannesburg / Your city *

Please request us the detailed day-by-day itinerary with description of activities and logistics, the best flight connections from your city and a quote in your specific travel dates and choice of hotels. Choose from more than 200 cities worldwide with easy and convenient connections to Tanzania, flying the world’s best airlines. We also take care of all flights to ensure your maximum comfort, safety and perfect harmony with your land arrangements. Our itineraries are flexible and can be fully personalized according to your preferences.


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