Kenya Experience

(14 DAYS / 12 NIGHTS)

All splendor and diversity of Kenyan parks, a classic safari destination, and the pristine beauty of Diani Beach on Mombasa’s coastline, staying in exclusive lodges and flying directly between them.

Kenya Experience is the spirit of East Africa. After an overnight in the capital Nairobi, explore the country best safari parks: Amboseli, with a privileged view of Kilimanjaro, Meru, base of Mount Kenya, and Masai Mara, part of Serengeti ecosystem. Flying directly between lodges, you ensure greater comfort and more time for all activities, with an extensive program in each destination. After your safari adventure, relax and replenish your energies in the most stylish and luxurious lodges. The calm and warm beaches of the Mombasa coastline are the grand finale of your journey with the best scuba diving and the most famous golf course in the country.

Customize! Add extra nights in Masai Mara during the wildebeest migration season, make an extension to Rwanda for gorilla trekking, or combine with other beach destinations in Seychelles, Zanzibar or Mozambique.



Day 1: Your city * / Johannesburg

Day 2: Johannesburg / Nairobi

Day 3: Nairobi / Amboseli

Day 4: Amboseli

Day 5: Amboseli / Meru

Day 6: Meru

Day 7: Meru / Masai Mara

Day 8: Masai Mara

Day 9: Masai Mara / Nairobi / Mombasa / Diani Beach

Day 10: Diani Beach

Day 11: Diani Beach

Day 12: Diani Beach

Day 13: Diani Beach

Day 14: Diani Beach / Mombasa / Nairobi / Johannesburg / Your city *

Please request us the detailed day-by-day itinerary with description of activities and logistics, the best flight connections from your city and a quote in your specific travel dates and choice of hotels. Choose from more than 200 cities worldwide with easy and convenient connections to Kenya, flying the world’s best airlines. We also take care of all flights to ensure your maximum comfort, safety and perfect harmony with your land arrangements. Our itineraries are flexible and can be fully personalized according to your preferences.


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