Sun City, Pilanesberg & Cape Town

(10 DAYS / 8 NIGHTS)

Sun City has attractions for all ages and the Pilanesberg reserve offers quality safari without need for long road transfers.

Recommended for families with children, Sun City, Pilanesberg & Cape Town is the most practical way to get to know South Africa's three iconic attractions. Sun City's famous entertainment complex is far from unanimous and with renowned hotels, casinos, water parks and international shows, is next to the Pilanesberg Children's Reserve and is a great option for those who prefer not to travel to Kruger. To close the trip, one of the most seductive cities in the world. Located on a stunning peninsula of beauty, Cape Town offers incredible beaches, good shopping, bustling nightlife, world-class hotels and restaurants, adventure sports, marine wildlife, wineries, culture, history and more.

Combine your itinerary with Jeffreys Bay, Mauritius or Victoria Falls!



Day 1: Your city * / Johannesburg

Day 2: Johannesburg / Sun City

Day 3: Sun City

Day 4: Sun City / Pilanesberg (private reserve)

Day 5: Pilanesberg (private reserve)

Day 6: Pilanesberg / Johannesburg / Cape Town

Day 7: Cape Town

Day 8: Cape Town

Day 9: Cape Town

Day 10: Cape Town / Your city *


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